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Babies are amazing, beautiful and fascinating to children and grownups alike. Each and every one of us started out as a baby, even our teachers, parents and grandparents.

At school we began our baby unit by creating a baby picture wall at school. We looked at the baby pictures of our friends, classmates and teachers and tried to guess who each of them are. I know I was tricked a few times. We talked about how to take care of babies, what babies can do, and what babies need our help doing. We thought about how babies and people learn new things, how we use our 5 senses to explore and experience the world around us. We talked about different ways babies move, including rolling, creeping, and crawling and we played a game moving as babies do.

We discussed how babies, children and even grownups need to practice learning new skills, and sometimes it takes a lot of practice. The children were interviewed and asked “what can they do now, that they couldn’t do as babies?” And “what they have learned that they are most proud of?” The teachers captured their words and added them to each of the children’s journals.

We sampled different kinds of baby food and compared them to the more grown up versions that we eat. We looked at footprints of newborn babies and then made our own prints of our feet or our hands to compare.

We have grown up so much since our baby days and are still growing every day.

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