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What Robin Told

by George Cooper

How do the robins build their nests?
Robin Redbreast told me.
First a wisp of amber hay
In a pretty round they lay;
Then some shreds of downy floss,
Feathers too and bits of moss,
Woven with a sweet, sweet song,
This way, that way, and across,
That's what Robin told me.

Hover over the image to see a question from Becky!


Hi Everyone! 


My daughters and I were on a hike at Delaney Wildlife Management Area last week.  While we were hiking we saw these holes in a number of trees.  Do you have a guess on what could have made these?  






Look what Nancy saw!  

What kind of bird made these prints in the snow?


bird watching

Here is a bird watching sheet. The idea is that everyone should spend a few minutes each day looking for birds outside and tallying the birds they see. At the end of the week the children can send Julia a picture of their worksheets. Then she can create a graph for the kids to look at. 

bird yoga

bird video

Language & Literacy

Check your email for the next Barn Story Time. 

Post your favorite book with a bird in it on our Barn family facebook page. 

Have children share bird facts that they know. We can compile a list of everything we know as a group about birds

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