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What's a Co-Op?

What does it mean to us to be a cooperative preschool?  It means that we value having the family be a part of our curriculum and community.  We have several events and celebrations for our community where families are welcome and encouraged to attend. 


Additionally, under non-covid restrictions we ask that member families help in the following ways:


Work in your child's classroom and bring snack, approximately once a month (depending on class size)

Contribute in helping with the maintenance/cleaning of our indoor and outdoor classrooms, approximately once or twice a year

Once restrictions are lifted we plan to bring this aspect of helping back into the classroom.

Additionally, we host fundraising events throughout the year to support our school and help keep tuition affordable.  Although there is not a fundraising requirement, we ask that member families support the fundraising efforts by attending, volunteering, or contributing to these efforts.  If you'd like to learn more about our current fundraising efforts, check out the Fundraising page.


Finally, our preschool is largely operated by a parent board of volunteers.  Volunteering to serve on the Board is another way many families participate in our community and helping to shape and guide the school.


When you enroll and begin the school year, you will receive a handbook that gives details about our cooperative philosophy and what we expect from our families.  If you have questions in the meantime, please contact us at

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