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Signs of Spring

Activity 1

  • See how many of each insect you can find.

  • Write your count next to each insect.

Activity 2

Build or draw your own insect

All Insects have 3 Main Body Parts

  1. The Head: on the head you will find eyes, mouth and antennae

  2. The Thorax: the thorax is the middle body part, usually has the wings and legs attached to it. Most insects have 6 legs, not all insects have wings

  3. The Abdomen: This is usually the biggest part, inside it has the insect’s digestive system.


Create your own Insect using materials you choose: ie paper, markers, Legos, blocks, recycled boxes, pipecleaners, q tips, You get to choose. Make sure your insects has it’s 3 main body parts and please don’t forget to name your insect too. 

Activity 3

Roll a bug - Movement Game

Instructions: Roll a dice, see what number you rolled, act out the insect action that matches the number

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