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Lantern Walk

On March 14th we held our 3rd annual Lantern Walk at NARA Park in Acton. It was a beautiful evening with a hint of spring in the air. Our families and teachers gathered together enjoying a sunset walk and each others' company . Each child carried a lantern they created using recycled materials and small tea lights. We watched the sun slowly set and the the moon grow brighter in the night sky. As we walked along the path, the children enjoyed the cool night air, the rustle of the wind in the trees, the small pools of light created by their lanterns, and jumping in, out, and around several puddles. After our walk, the children and their families had the opportunity to look through a telescope and see some of the details of the moon's surface, and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa.

In conjunction with our lantern walk, the teachers

encouraged families to contribute to a food drive for our local food pantry. We collected a wide variety of pantry staples. It was a wonderful evening to connect with nature and enjoy our diverse community.

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